This is a convenient travel kit that includes a memory foam pillow, earplugs and
an eye mask.

Memory foam pillow:

* Responds to pressure for added comfort
* Prevents the formation of bedsores and improves blood circulation
* After use, the pillow returns to its original shape
* Repels dust, allergens and microorganisms

Ear plugs and eye mask:

* Useful for sleeping in noisy and bright places
* Provides a secluded, peaceful retreat

Compact size:

* The set is small, perfect for travel
* Helps keep the head and spine in the correct position, especially when
sitting up to sleep
* Can be used in cars, airplanes or just at home while reading or working on
the computer

Free Case:

* It comes with a durable bag, in which you can easily store all the items in
the set
* Compact design that fits even in a small backpack

Product details:

* Made of PU and polyester
* The pillow is 25 cm long and 14 cm high
* The size of the set in the case is 16 cm high and 11 cm wide
* Weighs only 0.34 kg (0.35 kg with case included)

Items included in the package:

* Memory foam pillow
* Eye mask
* Ear plugs
* Travel case

Weight 0,35 kg
Dimensions 15 × 16 × 16 cm
Country of manufacture



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